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Eko-C Fuel Oil

Low-sulfur fuel oil manufactured on the basis of highest quality fractions obtained in the process of straight-run, atmospheric petroleum processing.

The Eco-C fuel oil manufactured by ORLEN Południe:

  • is characterized by low sulfur content
  • has high calorific value
  • is characterized by low ash residue, which proves the presence of inflammable elements
  • has very good low-temperature properties, which guarantees good oil liquidity in low temperatures
  • is enriched by various supplements, which contribute to a product of the highest quality and functionality 



  • for powering industrial furnaces
  • for powering technological furnaces
  • for powering central heating boilers
  • for powering steam boilers



  • sales in railway and car cisterns
  • railway and car cistern loading: from the top
  • the substance is governed by RID and ADR regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods


UN number: UN 1202
Proper UN carriage name: FUEL OIL, LIGHT
Transport hazard class(es):
ADR – class 3
RID – class 3
danger code: 30
Classification code/class: 3/F1
Packaging group: III

  • sales in the suspended and paid excise duty procedure
  • CN product code: 2710 19 61

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