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Chemistry Zone

​ORLEN Południe offers products addressed at various branches of the chemical industry, both large- and small-tonnage.

Solvents manufactured by ORLEN Południe are used, among others, to produce solutions in numerous industrial processes, in extraction processes, i.e. when desired or undesired solid or liquid (e.g. plant oil extraction) components are washed out; for washing and degreasing machine and device parts. Solvents are also used in production, as the ingredients of paint, varnish, adhesive, household chemistry, cosmetics, hydro-insulation emulsions, and polymers. A separate group of applications includes porogenous solutions, expanding solutions (pentane used in the production of Styrofoam), as the carriers of active ingredients (aerosols).

The glycerin created in the biodiesel production process can be used in the fodder industry, as well as in technical applications – in the production of anti-freezing and anti-caking and anti-adhesive agents. Distilled glycerin is also used in the production of explosives, polyols for technical applications (process fluids, paints, varnishes, solvents, manometers). It is used in the cosmetic industry, fodder industry, and in household chemistry.

The process of alkaline neutralization of glycerin with sulfuric acid produces Potassium sulfate, which is widely applied in the production of fertilizers; it is also used in the production of glass and aluns, or in the maintenance of stadium lawns, sports pitches or golf courses.


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