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Hydrogen 5.0 automotive quality
As part of the strategy of building low-emission fuel technologies, ORLEN Południe has become a producer of high-purity hydrogen
intended for applications in the automotive industry.

In the era of the advancing energy transformation, hydrogen can be called „the element of the future” for the fuel industry.
It is produced 
by us based on the process of high-temperature reforming of natural gas, and then purified by means of double pressure-swing

We produce approximately 50 kg/h of automotive hydrogen in Trzebinia.

Thanks to this technology, the hydrogen we obtain is a product​ of high purity class (99.999%) and meets the requirements of ISO 14687 grade D norm.


  • for driving cars, trucks, buses and trains
  • for industry (e.g. hydrogenation of vegetable fats, steel production, fertilizers)


  • the product is subject to the regulations concerning the transport of dangerous goods ADR
  • Sale in containers tanks with a pressure of 300 bar.
  • place of loading - Trzebinia​


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