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Raw gasoline

​Peak fraction, obtained in the process of straight-run, atmospheric petroleum processing:

  • characterized by low sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbon content
  • very good raw material for hydrocarbon pyrolysis processes, due to its low contents of chlorine – below 1 ppm, arsenic – below 1 ppb, lead – below 100 ppb.



  • feed for pyrolysis processes
  • raw material in specific processes: isomerization, reforming



  • sales in railway cisterns
  • railway cistern loading: from the top
  • the substance is governed by RID and ADR regulations regarding the carriage of dangerous goods


UN number: UN 1268
Proper UN carriage name: PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, N.O.S.
Transport hazard class(es):
ADR – class 3
RID – class 3
danger code: 33
Classification code/class: 3/F1
Packaging group: I

  • sales in the suspended and paid excise duty procedure
  • CN product code: 2710 11 11

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